Project 17
This is a photo project by me, for me. I'm taking a self-portrait daily for my seventeenth year to catalogue the days. No editting, no retouching, just me and my camera and my life.
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This is a little out of focus but I dun curr
I put a bit of pink in my hair. It’ll wash out in a while though.
I bleached the bottom half of my hair. It didn’t get as light as I wanted but that’s what you get for having black hair, I guess.
I can’t make real faces at cameras.
My guy friend person came over tonight and said goodbye. He’s moving to Cali for a year for school. I’m gonna miss him but I think it’s probably for the best (:
First day of work! I’m on the Programming and Diversity Board at my school and today we had our first meetings. It was a pretty chill day; we made collages, listened to music, talked about what we’re looking forward to for this year, and took some personality quizzes.
Aw heck yes it’s dahlia season.
I don’t remember why I took this photo but hellooo ironic duck face.
Accidentally patriotic.
Picked this up today while I was at the bookstore with my bro Evan. I hadn’t hung out with him since May, so it was nice to have some gelato together and talk about the future.
Spent the day babysitting. It’s soooo hotttttt here.